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A SHORT LIFE  by  Sandi Johnson

A SHORT LIFE by Sandi Johnson
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I had been haunted by her for as long as I could remember. Now, here she lay in front of me, the life gone from her and yet still so beautiful that I wanted to believe she was only asleep. I wanted to weep. But people like me didn’t weep. People like me just got on with it.She had not been just my dream, but the dream of thousands, millions, and it would be a long, difficult and horrendous route from the lowest to the highest to look on the face of the killer.Only a few had known her intimately- but sometimes so intimately that a blush would scarcely hide the devastating facts of this very private life.

After all, she had been so very, very public. Her image had smiled from a hundred billboards- her body had graced a thousand magazines. The sound of her soft, sweet voice had echoed through uncountable numbers of cinemas, fuelling the fantasies of every male from fifteen to fifty – and beyond.Anger boiled within me, an anger that would last as long as my search. Torment would follow that search like the razor sharp beam of a laser, cutting all to pieces that got in the way, including me.

Along the way those I knew and cared for would get hurt – and so would I – devastation wreaking havoc through the actions of all who had known her.I would get there in the end. And that would be the worst of it.

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